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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 1, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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>> it means ambush. and we mean good night. see you tomorrow, everybody. tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> it's such a busy time for the kardashians right now. what, with the show starting, the nba playoffs are their prime mating season, as you know. >> kathy griffin. >> my boobs are falling out. i have no underwear on. crossed fingers. >> the bachelorette, emily maynard. and music from gavin degraw. >> just when you start to believe in love again, the bachelorette comes
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okay, this summer, you just got to live for the music. live for the fun. live for now. and tomorrow morning, you just got to live for this. this time, country superstar brad paisley steams up your
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summer. in a live morning concert you just can't miss. brad paisley, live from new york city's central park. and tomorrow, it's only happening on "good morning america's" summer concert series. on abc. amplified by pepsi. live for now. . >> hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with a word from frank's red hot. america's number one hot sauce brand. frank's is the perfect blend of favor and heat. >> shh -- my show is about to start! >> jimmy: your show? >> dicky: it's time for guillermo's gourmet. >> hello, i am guillermo. today, i will show you my secret recipe for delicious fried chicken. >> jimmy: what is this? >> this is my cooking show -- guillermo's gourmet. welcome! >> jimmy: thank you. >> it's time for my secret fried chicken recipe.
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step one, make someone else make fried chicken for you. >> jimmy: what? >> oh -- >> jimmy: never mind. >> okay. step two -- pour your favorite flavor -- >> jimmy: of frank's redhot. >> yes. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> okay. >> jimmy: on the chicken? on the chicken. >> yeah yeah. >> jimmy: what's step three? >> step three -- it's -- mangia. >> jimmy: i think you mean mangia, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: delicious. you're a terrific chef. >> yes, i know. bon appetit, everybody! >> dicky: frank's redhot, i put that [ bleep ] on everything. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with kathy griffin, the bachelorette, emily maynard, and music from gavin degraw. sorry about the chicken. ethel, darling,
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[ sizzling ] there's a reason that sound instantly starts up the waterworks in your mouth. [ sizzling ] it's the sound of flavor erupting, as freshly prepared ingredients sear, simmer, and caramelize, right there at your table. but, is a pretty good show. i'll have that. [ male announcer ] try our new sizzling entrees! like the double barrel whisky sirloin, the new sizzling n'awlins skillet, and more. starting at just $9.99. only at applebee's.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kathy griffin. the bachelorette emily maynard. and music from gavin degraw. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as you well know, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. hi, everyone. that's very nice. welcome to the show. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] well, that's very nice of you. i appreciate it. you guys all right? everyone feeling okay? it seems like -- it was a beautiful day today, right? and tonight, there's love in the air tonight. we've been pumping it in through
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the vents all day today because "the bachelorette," emily maynard is here with us. [ cheers and applause ] just when you start to believe in love again, "the bachelorette" comes back around to remind us it doesn't exist. [ laughter ] earlier tonight here on abc, emily narrowed the men she is never going to marry from 19 down to 16. do you think she'll find love this season? they never really do, but we probably shouldn't look at this as another fruitless search for a relationship. we should look at this as an opportunity to get a dozen mental little unstable for a si cysts off the streets and into 'em limb's life. [ laughter ] she's a single mom, has a 6-year-old daughter. she seems like a very sweet person. she even has a special way of welcoming each of the guys to the show. it's kind of a sing-songy way of pretending that with each guy it was nice to meet him. >> nice to meet you. nice to meet you. nice to meet you.
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>> nice to finally meet you. >> nice to meet you. nice to meet you. nice to meet you. nice to meet you. so nice to meet you. nice to meet you. nice to meet you. it is nice to meet you, too. nice to meet you, too. >> jimmy: the long er the "too, the less interested. in poker that's what you call a tell. [ laughter ] i hope tonight she thinks it's nice to meet me. i do. emily will be here in a few minutes. and kathy griffin and gavin degraw are here. gavin degraw competed on "dancing with the stars" this season, as you may know, and was eliminated last month, i think. tomorrow is the big finale of "dancing with the stars." which is -- "dancing with the stars" ending, "the bachelorette" is beginning, it's -- it's the circle of no life, is what that is. [ laughter ]
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before the season started, a bet $1,000 on a football player named donald driver to win this -- and guess what? he is one of the three remaining final itself finalists. all the money i'm losing in the nba, i'm winning in ballroom dancing. i've never been more ashamed. but this is why they call me nostra-dance-mus. i know. the three final dancers are donald driver, william levy, and katherine jenkins. she got a perfect score tonight, 60 out of 60. william and donald got 59 out of 60 each. so, it's very close. william is from cuba. katherine is from wales. and that leaves only one choice for americans, and that's donald driver. plays football in green bay, wisconsin, born in houston, texas. right here in the good old usa. are you going to give our mirrored ball trophy to a foreign agent? i tell you something, they wouldn't give it to us. that's for sure. do the right thing and vote american tomorrow night. thank you.
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[ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night? elsewhere in the world of reality television, season seven of "keeping up with the kardashians" premiered last night on the e network. that is a shame. i really thought i was caught up with them and i realize that i'm not. it's such a busy time for the kardashians right now, with what the show starting, the nba playoffs, their prime mating season, as you know. [ laughter ] but there are a lot of exciting things happening in season seven. e put out a promo with a lot of the highlights. and i don't want to jinx it, but i think this could be the most dramatic kardashian season yet. >> this season on "keeping up with the ckardashians," kim put on wigs. kanye west is on a couch. one guy is mad. khloe makes that face. bruce jenner eats chips. kris gets giant lips. the season premiere of "keeping up with the kardashians." only on e. >> jimmy: there you go.
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[ cheers and applause ] any of you see the eclipse yesterday? [ cheers and applause ] eclipse fans? i was planning -- i was planning to have a look at it, but then my house was in the way. i thought about walking down the block to see it -- but then i said, the hell with it, went back inside and watched tv. i'm a lot of fun, in other words. this is what they call the annular eclipse. it's one of the rarest of different kinds of eclipses. the most common is the mitsubishi eclipse. [ laughter ] you can see here the moon was in front of the sun, which created a giant bright ring, indicating that a professional athlete was caught cheating on his wife. but the news stations kept reminding us not to look directly into the ring because if you do, you get a phone call telling you how many days you have left to live. or something? [ laughter ] i've never met anyone with eye damage from an eclipse, but they talk about it all the time.
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i guess it must happen. which proves something that i've always suspected, and that is that nature is trying to kill us and we have to fight back and kill it first. no one was more affected by the eclipse than the notorious tanning mom. [ laughter ] that's her. stupid moon stole five precious minutes of uv rays from her face. and now she's never going to get those minutes back, but -- if you haven't been following the story of the tanning mom, her name is patricia. she was accused of letting her 5-year-old daughter use a tanning bed. she said that never happen and she defended herself this morning on "the today show." >> she says what upsets her most is how her tanning brought on negative comments about her parenting. she has a message for those who judge her. >> look in the mirror and look at yourself instead of looking at me. i'm sorry. i'm tan. i like to be tan. it just feels good. >> jimmy: and it looks good, too. [ laughter ]
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how did the inside of her throat get tan? how is that -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has had an eventful few days. on friday, he made a billion and a half dollars when his company went public. on saturday, he married his long-time girlfriend. and then on sunday, he bought a new hoodie at the salvation army. shares of the facebook stock dropped from the opening day price of $38 to around $34 today, which added up to a loss. of approximately $19 billion. they say if the stock drops any lower, there's a good chance mitt romney could swoop in, buy the company and break it up into face and book, but -- [ laughter ] facebook wasn't the only big disappointment today. the movie "battleship," it cost $200 million to make, only made about $25 million this weekend. which, who would have ever predicted that a movie based on a game with letters and numbers
12:14 am
and you have to put a plastic pin into a grid would not be a huge success? i blame the eclipse for this. [ laughter ] this is from a show on the speed network. speed network is an auto racing channel. last night the host of the show was reading twitter comments from viewers. pay close attention to the second name you'll see here. >> couple things coming up from twitter, i believe. what's that say? fans enjoy the drama. i say let them eat cake, but stop saying loud mouth, trouble-making drivers. that's kurt busch. stop saving the loud mouth drivers. and one more that came in from twitter, mr. mcgee -- >> jimmy: i like how there's an underscore between douche and mcgee which indicates that the regular name was already taken. [ laughter ] there's two. speaking of twitter, how are you feeling, guillermo? >> great. >> jimmy: guillermo has a young baby and he gets up early every
12:15 am
morning because of that and he likes to tweet when he wakes up -- at what time was it this morning? 5:33 this morning, guillermo tweeted the following, he said "my best childhood memory was falling asleep on the couch and waking up in bed thinking wh th is for dinner?" [ cheers and applause ] you didn't have any friends or toys or -- a bike or anything? >> no. food only. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how can thinking about dinner be your best childhood memory? >> well, generally it's food. so -- >> jimmy: what? >> in germ, general, it's food. >> jimmy: your memories? >> yes. >> jimmy: you remember food more than people? >> ah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: if guillermo's life flashed before his eyes, it would look like a hometown buffet. what was for dinner that day? by the way? >> wow -- honest, i don't remember, but it was good.
12:16 am
>> jimmy: you are a muy complicado muchacho. dr. oz was on piers morgan on friday and wandered into providing us with our "unintentional joke of the day." >> i always have nuts in my pocket. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. squirrel in his pants. in miami on saturday, it was prom night for miami beach senior high. they had their prom at the local convention center. but what the organizers didn't know is that another decidedly less wholesome organization was having a very different event there at the same time. >> a porn convention was going on right next to a high school prom in miami beach. on one side of the convention center, kids showing up for the biggest night of their high school lives. on the other, well, the exotica expo. >> what do you think about the porn convention being in the same place?
12:17 am
>> it's a shame. >> oh, i don't like that. that is terrible. >> i didn't even know about this whole convention thing. >> this isn't a mix-up. this is the greatest night of my life. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: one more thing. [ applause ] it's graduation time for a lot of american students. this is the time of year where parents all over the country realize they just spent $120,000 for their kid to learn the best way to stuff a watermelon with vodka. but it's a time of discovery. let's just say that. because it is graduation season, i thought it would be a good time to play a around of the popular audience guessing game. the pedestrian question. now, this is how the game works. the reporter will ask the question and together we will guess what the person's answer will be. tonight's question is -- did you graduate high school. now, most people do, so, to make it more interesting, we directed the question at a specific group
12:18 am
of people, and that group is the people who dress like the tv and movie characters outside our theater on hollywood boulevard. are you ready to play? >> did you or did you not graduate from high school? >> jimmy: did superman graduate from high school? i think we're evenly split on this one. let's find out. >> i did not. i dropped out at the age of 16 to go fishing and do other things. >> jimmy: shocking. who's next? >> hulk, did you or did you not graduate from high school? >> jimmy: wait a minute. on what basis are you saying yes? let's find out. >> no, i did not graduate from school. i dropped out in the ninth grade. >> jimmy: only to ninth grade. all righ w who else do we have?
12:19 am
>> did you graduate from high school? >> jimmy: all right. most of the audience says yes. >> yes, i did. >> did you go to college? >> yes. >> currently in college? >> yes. >> studying? >> graphic design. >> jimmy: oh, all right. he's a college student. who had any idea? >> did you or did you not graduate from high school? >> jimmy: little mr. t. i-n-y, as we call him around here. did he graduate high school? >> of course i did, fool. >> what's the highest degree you received? >> i got a ph.d in whooping ass. >> jimmy: i like it. i'm going to have to see the diploma. all right. who else do we have? >> did you or did you not graduate from high school? >> jimmy: all right, all right, everybody is very certain. >> yes, i did. >> i did not.
12:20 am
>> why not? >> the public school system failed me. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. who else? >> did you graduate from high school? >> jimmy: all right. >> yes, i graduated a long time ago. >> and did you go to college? >> yes. >> to study? >> nursing. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: nursing? all right. the white shoes should have been the tipoff. and i believe we have one more. >> did you graduate from high school? >> jimmy: did the michael jackson impersonator graduate from high school? most everyone is saying no, but a few yeses. >> yes. >> did you go to college? >> yes. >> did you graduate from college? >> yes. >> did you go to graduate
12:21 am
school? >> yes. >> did you graduate from graduate school? >> yes. >> what is the highest level of education you obtained? >> masters's. >> in? >> theater. >> masters in theater. from -- >> harvard. it's right here, folks. >> jimmy: wow, that's -- all right. well, that's a surprise. went to harvard. we have a good show for you tonight. the bachelorette, emily maynard, is here. we have music from gavin degraw. and we'll be right back with kathy griffin, so stick around. the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right. perfect golden color. rich in fiber. my dad taught me, and i taught my son out there. morning, pa. wait... who's driving the...? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm, 99 bushels of wheat ♪
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>> jimmy: hi there. tonight on this program, a woman who is looking for love the old fashioned way, on television.
12:26 am
the bachelorette, emily maynard is here. and then, with music from his latest album, it's called "sweeter." gavin degraw from the bud light outdoor stage. gavin was a dancing star this season. tomorrow night we'll be joined by the winner of "dancing with the stars" after the finale here on abc. we'll be graced tomorrow by the presence of patricia heaton. from "game of thrones," nikolaj coster-waldau will be here. he plays jamie lannister. and we'll have music from lisa marie presley. and later this week -- josh brolin, charlize theron, bethenny frankel, manny pacquiao, and music from kimbra and graffiti6, so -- oh, and i want to congratulate our keyboard player, jeff babko and his wife. they had a baby boy this weekend. theodore lee babko, six pounds, one ounce. when you give him the middle name lee, he is virtually guaranteed to be a serial killer --
12:27 am
>> or a celebrity. >> jimmy: decided to risk that? >> we are hoping for the best. >> jimmy: he kind of looks like you, a very sleepy version of you. >> that's me. >> jimmy: congratulations to both of you. [ applause ] our first guest is a multiple emmy-winning performer who has talked, taunted and tweeted herself into our enormous, congealed hearts. she has a new talk show called "kathy." which you can watch on bravo thursday nights at 10:00. please say hello to kathy griffin! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know, kathy, i know there's a whole makeup thing that goes on -- >> there's a whole crisis backstage. my boobs are falling out, i have no underwear on -- cross fingers. >> jimmy: when i went to kiss you, you moved your head so far away from me. >> i can't believe you tried to kiss my lips. which look like 20 minutes --
12:28 am
>> jimmy: i tried to kiss you on the cheek -- >> that's close enough. >> jimmy: i wound up kissing the back of your head. >> you're lucky to get that at all. i got a lot going on. i just got in from chicago where i was the only person that was accidentally at the nato summit. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> so i wanted to talk because i know you're all in with obama since you hosted the white house correspondents' dinner. >> jimmy: we're very tight. [ laughter ] >> i'm dazzled by him by the way. i am a chicagoan. and i was laughing at how jalded they are. they're like, hey, there's a lot of traffic because the president is here. but it's very exciting. i was.a
12:29 am
to sort of be around him, right? >> jimmy: it was. >> be cool. so, anyway, i would go and do my shows and come home and night and i thought it was sort of funny, the irony of being there in the middle of the nato summit, though i thought it was a bad choice on the president's part to have it the same dale after cher's birthday, am i right? how are you trying to make world peace? i didn't work with me, i don't know about you.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: mine were upset by it too. >> they [ bleep ] all day on my twitter. so still thought it was an opportunity for fun. so i did my show, went back to the hotel where karzai was staying and i brought a picture. because i found out, you know, you're not supposed to make jokes of the secret service, because they're very serious. with their ear piece. did you make jokes around them? >> jimmy: i did. and they didn't think they were funny. >> well, they're not there to laugh. i was going to a show and all the secret service got in and some dignitary from europia. i don't know. and -- and then i go, what's going on tonight, big streisand concert? nobody laughed. but when i went back to my hotel, i took this for you. this is what they don't think is funny when you go through the metal detector. you go through this. here, you hold it up. you're wearing your tired hooker concert t-shirt. so just know that i was in the elevator with -- >> jimmy: who are the guys in
12:31 am
the back? >> they are not happy that i took that hilarious photo for you. so they want to be like blurred and stuff. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> matter of security, whatever. they're cool. and then right after, no joke in line at the metal detector was mike love from the beach boys. >> jimmy: really? >> it was a crazy summit. we solved everything. all right, so, then, later on -- here. i saw this photo of you and your besty, obama. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, there is me. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's a cool photo, but i think i can top it. >> jimmy: you do? >> so, there at the nato summit, my work is never done. i ran into -- [ cheers and applause ] i ran into hamid karzai and the president, and i was like, guys, let's work this out. and so you can see that i worked things out and it's about building bridges, jimmy. >> you look like a magician.
12:32 am
how did you do this? >> i ran into them in the lobby. >> jimmy: photo shop or cutouts? >> you are questioning -- i haven't learned the photo shop like the kids. but i still want you to believe it. >> jimmy: you did a pretty good job with that, i have to say. >> i do love diplomacy. >> jimmy: what part of chicago are you from? >> i'm from forest park and oak park. >> jimmy: so you're a child of the parks. >> yeah. but i will tell you, even when i play the chicago area, i still fear for my life. because your new best friend and we'll talk about this, how you've turned on me, oprah, which is such [ bleep ] that you're friends with oprah now. i mean, why don't you put a dollar sign on your head go sell yourself at the corner kiosk of hollywood and highland while you're at it. sellout. because, let me tell you something -- >> jimmy: hold on a second. just for memory sake, didn't you go on a date with levi johnston or something like that? >> how dare you question my relationship of a sexual nature with levi johnston?
12:33 am
how dare you. i almost spanked myself for a minute. >> jimmy: why are you scared of oprah? >> i feel that she and ryan seacrest are trying to kill me. yes and i feel that not if but when i show up slain in my hollywood hills home, you should go to oprah's house first and then ryan seacrest. >> jimmy: i will do that. >> you probably have the keys. >> if you put it out there, then you're protected. because if oprah is the prime suspect in your murder -- >> i'm just telling america, that if anything happens to me, a wayward bottle or gunshot, go to oprah's house, or ask gayle. she'll have all the secrets. >> jimmy: what about ryan? do you think ryan genuinely dislikes you? >> i believe he's trying to kill me, yes. >> jimmy: why do you say that? >> i believe he's trying to kill america, one kardashian at a time. thank you. >> jimmy: you might be right about that. have you been keeping up with the kardashians? >> i can barely keep up with the kardashians especially when they take cities. kim and kourtney took miami,
12:34 am
then new york. they're going to take thousand oaks next, i don't know what they're going to take. give them a city and they'll take it or that one will [ bleep ] it. i -- [ laughter ] i am suspicious about this kim and kanye thing. >> jimmy: you are? >> i will tell you right to your face. i smell a rat. >> jimmy: let's take a quick break and we'll talk about your suspicions and your new talk show called "kathy." >> oh, that's right. >> jimmy: kathy griffin is here. more with kathy when we come back. ♪ i am stuck on band-aid® brand ♪
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>> jimmy: hi there, we're back. still to come, the bachelorette emily maynard and gavin degraw, too. kathy griffin is here. >> this is dress is too short. i feel like one of the freaking housewives. tell me what you told me during the commercial break. >> jimmy: what did i say? first, i want to ask you about your suspicions about kim and kanye. >> i think that's just an photo-op. i know one when i see one. i don't get what's in it for kanye. i still think he is sort of legit, though, let me tell you, i would have killed to be taylor swift in that moment.
12:40 am
she could kill puppies on c-span and be like, remember the time, oh, i love her. she's a little whiny for my taste. >> jimmy: you don't think it's real, their relationship? >> i don't know what is really anymore. i try to keep up with the kardashians. i feel bad for lamar. i feel khloe physically injures him when they make love. he walks out of the bedroom scenes like, oh, that one hurt. i'm sick of all of the c kardashi kardashians. >> jimmy: what about your talk show? >> what did you say in the commercial break? >> jimmy: that i would come on your show. >> but you're not invited. >> jimmy: thank you. >> here's why. >> jimmy: why? >> because i am not slg celebrities on my show. i think when i have civilians, people that don't note any better, then they are more likely to really talk smack about celebrities and stuff. i feel like celebrities, you have friends and you are always afraid to come to my parties. >> jimmy: yeah. i'm afraid of you.
12:41 am
i'm afraid that my true activities will be revealed. >> well, you could make the activities. i would love it if you come on the show. >> jimmy: on the show, yes. >> i would love it. but i do like the idea of talking to regular people. i have created a monster -- >> jimmy: are you going to pull people off the street? >> sometimes. well, as a matter of fact, for this week, i have something in mind with audience members that i guess i shouldn't have said right now. i'm just saying, if you are coming to the taping of the show, just put on some powder. >> jimmy: look good? >> look good. >> jimmy: your mom is going to be apart of the show. >> my 91-year-old alcoholic mother is a nightmare. she's in hair and makeup longer than i am, she's drunk all the time. they have to keep taping and taping until i get less offensive. my mom gets hammered and passes out. >> jimmy: does she really? >> it's great. she's 91, what the heck. >> jimmy: yeah, really. with the camera and the wink. >> jimmy: is she on stage with you? >> she can't walk that far.
12:42 am
she does actually bring her walker. i'm trying to get her into a rascal, which is my dream, by the way. my dream, by the way, is to gain 600 pounds and be one of those fat people on tlc and just ride around on a rascal and eat fried food and blame everyone else. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. i know the rascal -- in the supermarket. it's very appealing. >> or a jilterbug with those big buttons so i can read the phone. and then a life alert. >> jimmy: you can have all of those things. >> you think they'll get me a rascal? >> jimmy: i have a feeling they will. it's great to see you. best of luck with the new show. kathy griffin. the delightful kathy griffin. the new show is called "kathy." watch it thursday nights at 10 o'clock on bravo. we'll be right back with emily maynard. [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea. support team usa and show our olympic spirit
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>> jimmy: well, hello. still to come, gavin degraw will be here. kathy griffin is with us. you're an expert with this. >> i'm staying around for the bachelorette. >> jimmy: earlier tonight, you saw our next guest surrounded by 19 single men, including a guy with a head wound, a man who calls himself "wolf," a jef with one "f," and both an alejandro and an alessandro. she's a lucky lady, indeed. please welcome the bachelorette, emily maynard! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, kathy.
12:53 am
i don't know if you noticed, emily, i kissed her right on the face. no problems. >> because she's a chick. it's hot. >> jimmy: it was nice to meet you. >> it's so nice to meet you, too! >> jimmy: how does that work? when you look at these guys, you must know instantly -- maybe you don't know if they're in or not, but you must know instantly whether they're out or not. >> you know what, that's a good lesson to learn, because normally i would have, just counted them out immediately. the guy with the egg. of course. >> jimmy: you should have kicked him out. >> you know what, off of first impressions, i should have. but i got to know him and he really is a genuinely great guy -- such a sweetheart. >> jimmy: but also with a big egg. >> when i say, a million times, it's so nice to meet you, i genuinely mean that. >> jimmy: you do mean it? >> i did, yeah. >> jimmy: for real? some more than others? >> a couple more than others. >> jimmy: i see. and were there any guys you knew right off the bat, he's out? >> maybe.
12:54 am
>> jimmy: there were, huh? and do you feel bad about the fact you have to eliminate them? >> i do, i feel off. i really do. i think it takes a lot to put yourself out there. >> jimmy: i think not only that, it's a terrible position to be put in, in a way, because you really do have to insult a certain number of people every single week and tell them, i don't like you, on television. >> but you know what, everybody's been there. i've been there. everybody's been there. >> jimmy: yeah. but still. not on tv, i mean -- >> i'm trying to make myself feel better. and trying to make them feel better. is. >> jimmy: now, you have -- and kat kathy, maybe you can help -- >> i want to know if the guy with the boom box is still on. the guy who broken dance -- break dance. [ laughter ] >> he's a deejay. >> great insurance program there. >> jimmy: yeah, that's not -- not a good resume item. >> he was really cool, though. another one i never would have, you know, given a chance,
12:55 am
probably, and i did. he's really nice. >> jimmy: okay, all right, all right. i guess that's good, right? i mean, is it? >> it was a good lesson for me. >> jimmy: in what way? >> to give people a chance and don't judge a book by its cover. >> yeah, jimmy, quit being such a [ bleep ]! [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> that was random. i'm sorry. >> jimmy: what goes on in the fantasy suite, be honest? >> i have no idea. >> jimmy: you've been there a couple of times. >> once. >> jimmy: you were on with bachelor brad. his second time around on the show. >> he's been there a couple times. >> that guy is a dirty whore. brad? loser. i didn't like that one. >> jimmy: kathy doesn't approve of that one. >> and here i am, "the bachelorette." >> you won the prize. >> jimmy: you became the bachelorette as a result of being on "the bachelor" and it
12:56 am
not working out between you. did you ever think, maybe i could be "the bachelorette"? >> absolutely not. >> jimmy: you did not? >> i never wanted to be the bachelorette, ever. i said no -- if anybody, even on the street asked me, i would say no way. >> jimmy: but it turned out you were lying, you really did? >> i am not lying, i swear. i know it sounds like that. i would say the same thing. i swear, i was not lying. i genuinely did not want to do it. >> jimmy: i believe you. >> if i wanted to do it, i would have done it a long time ago. >> jimmy: well, you can't just announce, "i'm the bachelorette." >> last season. >> jimmy: they offered it to you last season? >> i have a question. of the guys that are still there, can you tell us one of them that is angling to be dumped and then become the next bachelor? >> yes, yes, yes. >> so they're acting more heart-broken and then you'll dump them. and then they're like, hey, i'm still -- >> they say the most perfect things. >> bring and egg, crack it on a boom box. who does that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: last time around on "the bachelor," i was able to
12:57 am
accurately predict right at the beginning of the season who the final four women were, exactly right. >> did you pick me? >> jimmy: no, this last one. you weren't on the last one. >> oh, yeah, sorry. >> jimmy: now i'm going to pick your final four. >> okay. >> jimmy: and we're going to be studying your reactions. >> okay. so put on a poker face. >> jimmy: first of all. jef with one f. >> oh, come on. one f? j-e-f, really? >> jimmy: i find it unacceptable that he has one f in his name. that doesn't bother you? >> no. it's cool. >> jimmy: he's in the final four. sean, also in the final four. >> i like her with the ginger. >> jimmy: i'm looking for a reaction. ari, the race car driver. i heard of this guy before, before he was even on this. >> really, i know nothing about indy cars. i know nascar, but not indy cars. >> jimmy: but you know now,
12:58 am
right, because you and he are maybe together? >> in the fantasy suite of your own. >> jimmy: and finally, ryan in the final four, yes? ryan? is that a yes? >> sure, why not. >> congratulations, ryan! >> jimmy: now -- what are your impressions of these predictions? >> i think you did a great job. >> jimmy: you do? >> how great? >> jimmy: yeah, how great? >> because i personally have 135,000 bucks on this. >> jimmy: what would happen to you if you did reveal right now who you picked at the end? >> not only would i be in a lot of trouble, i would ruin it for everybody watching at home. my mom, my mom doesn't even know. >> jimmy: wouldn't that be hilarious? >> single handedly, we could ruin love. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, i hope it worked out for you. i'm very doubtful of all of these things. i bet you we could find you a husband in this room, no problem.
12:59 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> i'd be very grateful. everybody here seems very nice. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. i wish you the best of luck and who knows, maybe we'll have our first real wedding in, like, 16 years. emily maynard, everybody. "the bachelorette," watch it mondays at 8:00 here on abc. kathy griffin, too. we'll be right back with gavin degraw. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation.
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♪ love can be so mystical ♪
1:02 am
>> jimmy: this is his album. it is called "sweeter." here with the title track, gavin degraw! ♪ ♪ you you don't know how lucky you are ♪ ♪ hanging with that girl on your arm but soon enough i'm taking my shot ♪ ♪ bang once i get 'em locked in my sight ♪
1:03 am
♪ doesn't mean i wasn't all right i'm just seeing something i like woo hoo ♪ ♪ i just wanna take someone else's holiday sometimes the grass is greener ♪ ♪ and someone else's sugar someone else's sugar's sweeter ♪ ♪ you went to school and found out you're dumb ♪ ♪ maybe you just had too much fun fell in love and think it's the one ♪
1:04 am
♪ you're like an angel got me feeling like a devil i wanna give you something if you promise that you won't tell woo hoo ♪ ♪ i just wanna take someone else's holiday sometimes the grass is greener ♪ ♪ and someone else's sugar someone else's sugar's sweeter ♪ ♪ i'ma recommend you take that body to the other end


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